Marie Sordat

Born in 1976 in France, Lives and works in Brussels.


Graduate from the INSAS, Brussels.





MotherLand, 2012


The series MotherLand takes place in two countries, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Georgia.  This winter, I went to these places -loaded with confrontational history- seeking how to tell something about the mother-daughter relationship. Especially when the latter is destructive, and most particularly when there is no relationship left at all.

My goal was neither to produce a documentary nor an autobiographical research, but rather to portray the silence and lack of understanding in this series that lays itself out precisely in 15 images.

Coming from a cinematographic background, I always work my series like a film, with a beginning, an end, using places and people as allegoric or plastic value.

Here I favored the musical rhythm of images, looking to compose my concept album, 15 pieces that would say all that is not possible for me to say with words.



There are some secrets that are only shared in silence. In the white cold of the frost- covered eras of life, in the interstice of cracked walls, in the interval whence we all come from and where we all look for our return ticket, from the tips of the nails, the product of our thirst,  the quench of our need for the absolute or consolation. Marie Sordat travels (Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Italy, Georgia, United States...) without bringing back travel pictures -or only from internal journeys, as her photographs are more mental mirrors than the strict reflection of the world surrounding her. A lone soul, nothing surrounds her actually, only a bit of snow and coal. Sometimes, a flash of color passes through the sky. There are moments for forging ahead, others for waiting. Some others for nothing.


Sprung as from reality's incisures, the figures drawn by the photographer most often seem to  evoke the tear of motherhood, a corner of the veil lifted on a world in mourning, a return to light's writing as emergence, as apparition.  Here one has to consider the landscape as a state of mind, or rather the states of mind as a particular form of landscape. That includes faces.


Marie Sordat gets tough, harshens the contrasts, cuts to the core. MotherLand: shelter or violence, home country or maternal tongue.  But pulling through involves the eyes.  Not - or not any more, or not yet- the mouth, the verb, the words. And to you, Marie, what do they say, in the white of the eyes, the magnificient silences of your images?..."



Emmanuel d'Autreppe, April 2012

Director, Yellow Now Editions

Written for the exhibit at the Brasseurs, Liege, May 2012