Deanna Pizzitelli

Lives and works in Slovakia

The story of you

Canadian citizen based in Bratislava in Slovakia, I’m a photographer-artist whose practice is motivated by travels, reminiscences of my numerous encounters with landscapes, the wildlife and culture. I use analogic methods to explore emotional landscapes (the inexplicable nature of sensations) and the ways photography can help me exploring it.

I combine a range of technics, papers, scales and subjects, shining a light on the diversity of photographic language and re-emerging interest for experimental light proof-holder. I completely dedicate myself to the pursuit of this quest. I especially examine the unique relation between analogic impression and touch in this numeric area we’re all living in.

Between December 2017 and February 2018, I was part of a residency at the Listhús Artspace in Ólafsfjörđur in Island. Surrounded by mountains, Ólafsfjörđur is a small town located in the North-East of Iceland, at approximately 60 km from the Artic Circle.

This residency was part of a local festival called Skammdegi or “dark days”. This expression is a reference to the wintery period during which the sun never comes over the mountains summits and never shines more than four hours a day, during the darkest weeks.

The Story of You tells the story of my experience drown into darkness.
This work is a real meditation on the links that are tied and untied. It oscillates between the aesthetic codes of cotemporary and historical photography and also combines different times and regions. It works as a mind, going back to intimate moments. Moments of uncertainty, desire and regrets. Some exceptions taken apart (a Arizona desert, a hotel in Calgary) all of these photographies were taken in the middle of the Icelandic winter.