Cig Harvey

Lives in the USA

You an Orchestra You a Bomb

In the steps of each ordinary day, I am waiting, ready for something to visually interrupt me. Something to make me gasp. Sometimes it is a natural phenomenon. Sometimes it is a gesture or a gaze. Sometimes it is the intensity of color or light. I feel jolted, awe-inspired, and urged to remember it. I photograph it as a way to get closer to the moments that leave me breathless, as a way to stop time.

I have always experienced the world viscerally, but after a serious car accident in 2015, and the current affairs of the last year, a heightened awareness of fragility permeates my new work. You an Orchestra You a Bomb looks at my relationship with life itself. It’s work about the future, about paying attention to and appreciating the present. It makes icons of the everyday and looks at life on the threshold between magic and disaster. That life can change so completely in an instant knocks the breath out of me; a different type of gasp.