Jyoti Shrestha

Lives and works in Nepal

Red Period

Several women are killed every year in Nepal because of chhaupadi, the practice of exiling women from their homes to bare-bones huts or sheds during menstruation because they are believed to be. Some are forbidden from touching men, while others are forbidden from seeing men. Some people are forbidden from touching plants, while others are forbidden from visiting the temple.

I am a semi-urban individual who grew up in a middle-class home. I had a few limits, but not nearly as many as women in rural areas of the country. I want to show these stories, to learn about the sufferings of women and young girls who are victims of cultural malpractices caused by menstruation. I’d like to work with local schools in different parts of the country to share these stories in order to spread awareness. The major goal is to eliminate or at least alleviate period poverty, as only 15% of menstruation females use sanitary pads. The project will be divided into three sections: photography-based storytelling, Menstrual hygiene education and, if funds allow, sanitary pads will be provided.

I’d like to continue the RED PERIOD photo series, but this time with stories from all throughout the country. Nepal is home to 101 ethnic groups who speak 92 different languages.