Caroline Faccioli

Lives and works in Paris (France)

State of mind

After a degree in Art History and training at art school, I studied photography at Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’image.

Following several years as an assistant, I began work as a still life photographer in Paris, where I work on all things culinary, from the press to advertising.

Outside of my highly coded professional universe, I have been travelling the United States in my spare time for over ten years, and I love losing myself there.

In a number of States, intentionally leaving the main highways, I followed back roads, stopping in cities on the margins, where time has slowed, where the economy is now only transient.

At a time when our Western societies are racing against time, records for speed are set. Always moving faster, in our travels, on our communications…

I turned my camera to these abandoned roadside oases, these dusty and degraded landscapes, hoping to hew as closely as possible to their reality.

I practice a photography that I hope is frank and clear, trying to present this recording of the ordinary.