Alexandra Lebon

Born in 1977, French, Lives in Paris


How not to dissolve when all one seeks is to disappear?
My story is the story of a rape and a suicide. A story of abandonment.
The story if a six year-old girl devoured by ogres.
The story of a mother too young to be a mother, deceived by wild passion.
Of a father uprooted, a suicide, immolated by the screams of the tortured and the sound of bullets.
It is the story of a closing door.
Of an immense, suffocating silence that invades everything.
It is the story of a huge pyre in a public square.
The story of black holes, progressive erasures, a silent disappearance.
The ordinary story of a stolen, raped, abandoned childhood.
My story, it is the story of a struggle between shadows and light.
It is also the story of a reconciliation.
To be at peace, I returned to question the places of my silences, to seek an answer.
Tomorrow belongs to me.
It is time to be alive.